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Club Constitution

Club Constitution

    1. Definitions
      For the purpose of this document, unless the context indicates to the contrary:
      1. “AGM” means the annual general meeting of the golf section;
      2. “SGM” means a special general meeting of the golf section;
      3. “GENERAL MEETINGS” means Annual and Special General Meetings of the Club;
      4. “GOLF REPRESENTATIVES” are the golf members elected as per this document to represent the golfer’s section of Jackal Creek Golf Club;
      5. “GENERAL RULES” means the rules annexed hereto as Annexure “A”;
      6. “DOMESTIC RULES” means the rules annexed here to marked Annexure “B”;
      7. “GENERAL MANAGER” shall mean the manager of the CLUB HOUSE appointed by THECLUB;
      8. “CLUB HOUSE” means the Jackal Creek Club House, a private sports and recreational centre (including an18 hole golf course) operated by THE CLUB;
      9. “MEMBERS” means both EXTERNAL members and INTERNAL members;
      10. “EXTERNAL MEMBER” means a member who is not an owner of immovable property on the ESTATE;
      11. “INTERNAL MEMBER” means a member who is an owner of immovable property on the ESTATE;
      12. “THE CLUB” means the Jackal Creek Golf Club, Zandevco, Montagu Property Group PTY Ltd;
      13. “FINANCIAL YEAR” means the 12-month period ending 28 February each year, coinciding with the annual membership period and used for accounting purposes and the preparation of annual financial statements;
    2. Interpretation
      1. Clause headings are inserted purely for convenience and shall not be relevant in interpreting the contents of the clause to which they relate;
      2. Words purporting a gender shall include all genders;
      3. The singular shall include the plural and vice versa;
      4. Words and phrases defined in any clause will for the purpose of that clause bear the meaning therein assigned thereto;
      5. When any number of days is prescribed in this document, same shall be reckoned exclusively of the first and inclusively of the last day unless the last day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, in which case the last day shall be the next succeeding day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday;
      6. In case of doubt as to the meaning of any clause in this document or any rule made in terms of this document, the interpretation of the General Manager shall be binding upon the members until such time as the members in a General Meeting may otherwise determine.
    3. Object
      The object and spirit of the Club is to provide and facilitate sporting, recreational and social activities, provided at the highest possible standard.
    4. Powers of the Club
      1. The Club shall be entitled to do all such things that may be necessary for or ancillary or incidental to the achievement by the Club of its objects;
      2. To borrow, collect or raise money particularly by means of annual subscriptions, entrance fees, playing fees and levies;
      3. To apply to any licensing authority for the grant to the Club of any license it may require for the proper conduct of its affairs, to accept transfer of any existing licences, and to cede, transfer, amend or otherwise deal with same, and to apply for the renewal thereof from time to time;
      4. to acquire, sell, hypothecate and develop its own movable and immovable property provided that no alienation or hypothecation of such immovable property shall take place without a resolution passed at a special general meeting called for the specific purpose, with the sanction of at least two-thirds of the members present in person or represented by proxy and entitled to vote at such meeting;
      5. to erect, construct, maintain, alter, demolish, replace, repair, renovate, manage or control any buildings, erections, or other improvements upon the land at any time owned by the Club or over it enjoys a right of occupation;
      6. to develop and lay out the grounds of the Club and other sections as are consistent with its objects and to maintain and improve same;
      7. Any change in ownership of the Club, will have no influence on the object and/or members of the Club and subsequently the terms of thisConstitution.
    5. Limitation of liability
      1. The individual members shall not be liable for the debts, contractual obligations or any other liabilities of the Club and their liability shall be limited solely to the amount due by them in respect of their annual subscriptions or other monies payable in terms of this Constitution andits domestic and/or general rules.
      2. The members of the golf section and/or the duly appointed golf representatives and co-opted representatives, are hereby indemnified by the Club against any losses or expenses incurred as a result of their negligence or omission in the scope of their duties in terms of this document.                                                                                                                                        
      3. No liability shall attach to the Club in respect of the property of any member or his visitors, which may be lost, damaged or stolen on or from the Club premises.
      4. The Club, its management, its servants and/or agents are not liable to any member or visitor for injury or illness, arising from any cause howsoever suffered by any member or visitor of the Club premises or who uses the Club’s facilities or amenities.  
      5. Any member and/or his visitor therefore enters the Club’s premises at their own risk.
    1. Membership of the Club does not and shall not give any member a right, title, interest, claim or demand to any of the monies, properties or assets of the Club, but only confers upon such member the right and privilege of entering in and upon the grounds and erections of the Estate, and to use and enjoy the facilities of the Country Club in accordance with the purpose for which it is intended.
    2. Standard memberships shall be determined by the Club and will comprise the following classes of membership: 
      1. Full Membership (Gentleman and Lady)
        1. Refers to both internal or external persons who have joined the Club.
        2. Entitled to full voting rights at General Meetings;
        3. Eligible for election to Committees, provided qualification requirements are met.
      2. Under 35 membership
        1. Refers to both internal or external persons who have joined the Club.
        2. Entitled to full voting rights at General Meetings;
        3. Eligible for election to Committees, provided qualification requirements are met.
      3. Mid-week Membership
        1. Members with full member rights for the period Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
        2.  Entitled to full voting rights at General Meetings;
        3. Not eligible for election to Committees.
      4. Junior
        1. A person who has not yet turned 18 on the first day of the financial year of the Club.
        2. No voting rights at General Meetings;
        3. Not eligible for election to Committees.
      5. Student
        1. A person younger than 27 years who is a bona fidefull-time studentat a recognised South African tertiary institute.
        2. No voting rights at General Meetings;
        3. Not eligible for election to Committees.
      6. Senior
        1. Persons who have gone on pension and is older than 60 years.
        2. Entitled to full voting rights at General Meetings;
        3. Eligible for election to Committees, provided qualification requirements are met.
      7. Honorary/ Celebrity member
        1. A person who holds a special public or other position or who has conferred a special benefit upon the Club, for such period and subject to such conditions as the Club may determine.
        2. No voting rights at General Meetings;
        3. Not eligible for election to Committees.
      8. Corporate Membership
        1. Those persons where membership privileges are offered to cardholders as part of a company or business membership.  Such corporate institution to consist of at least 5 employees/members.
        2. Nominated persons entitled to full voting rights at General Meetings;
        3. Nominated persons not eligible for election to Committees.
        4. Notwithstanding the above provisions, such membership may be awarded on discretion of the General Manager.
      9. Other
        Any other class of membership which the General Manager may decide.  It is recorded that no potential/standing member shall converse with any other person than the General Manager in the event of agreeing on additional terms of that member’s membership.
    3. Admissions of members and number limitations:
      1. The number of members shall not exceed such number as the General Manager may from time to time decide upon.
      2. The Club shall be empowered to institute a waiting list of all persons applying for a new membership.
      3. A prospective member shall apply for membership in writing by completing the prescribed application form, and being nominated and seconded this, together with the subscription fee payable, shall be handed to the Club’s General Manager, who shall process the application and not unreasonably deny approval of such application.  Such approval shall include a reference check to be carried out at any other clubs the prospective member is, or has been, affiliated to.
      4. A prospective member may be asked to attend an interview process before entrance into the Club is accepted.
      5. A prospective member may make use of the Clubs facilities, provided, that the applicable entrance and subscription fee payable have been received.
      6. Each new member shall be bound by this Constitution and may be interviewed by the General Manager, so that all information can be passed on to him upon successful application.
      7. Each newly approved member shall forthwith be notified of the approval of his application for membership and be furnished with the Constitution, and the member and his visitors shall be bound by the terms of the Constitution.
    4. Resignation and/or suspension of membership
      1. A member’s membership may be terminated or suspended by the Club at its discretion if the member should:
      2. Exhibit unsatisfactory behaviour, deportment or appearance at the home club or any away club.
      3. Permit his or her membership card to be used by a non-member, unless otherwise provided for, within the context of a corporate membership.
      4. Fail to pay dues, fees or Club accounts in a proper and timely manner.
      5. Fail to abide by the constitution, domestic rules and/or general rules of the Club.
      6. Treat the employees or personnel of the Country Club in an unacceptable manner.
    5. Resignation of members
      1. Resignation from the Club must be in writing, addressed to General Manager of the Club and must be received by him no later than the last day of the month that the member’s membership expires, failing which the member will be liable for the subscription for the ensuing financial year.  The Club may, however in its absolute discretion release a member form his obligations to pay such subscription, on good cause shown by the member.
        1. No member may sell or dispose of his membership rights or any entitlement in terms thereof. 
    6. Privileges and obligations of members
      1. Members shall be entitled to the use of the facilities of the Club, subject to any restrictions imposed by the Club and the domestic rules of the Country Club and subject to any fees payable.
      2. To pay the annual fees as determined by the Club.
      3. To pay and make good to the Country Club any loss or damage which the Club may sustain through any act of default of the member, his guests and/or family members.
      4. To pay for or acknowledge every expense incurred by him at the Club, prior to leaving the premises.
      5. To notify the Club of any change in address or telephone numbers.
      6. To observe the provisions of the constitution and the domestic & general rules of the Club.
    7. Entrance fees, annual subscriptions, playing fees and payment of accounts:
      1. The entrance fees for members shall be such sum which the Club shall from time to time determine.
      2. The Club shall have the right from time to time in its absolute discretion to waive entrance fees or determine the manner of their payment.
      3. All subscriptions fees shall be in respect of the financial year of the Club and shall be payable either in full by the commencement of the financial year or in instalments as determined from time to time by the Club.
      4. New members shall pay the applicable subscription as from the 1st of the month in which membership is applied for. The amount payable shall be pro rata for the remaining period of the financial year.
      5. A member who has not paid his annual subscription within one month after it became due and payable shall be advised in writing that his annual subscription is overdue and immediately payable.  Should a further 7(seven) days of non-payment continue, the defaulting member shall be advised in writing that his membership is immediately terminated.  Should such a member be interested in re-applying for membership, then that member shall follow the normal membership application procedures and prior to acceptance of his membership application, the full amount of annual subscriptions owing for the financial year shall be paid by the member.  Should however, a reason, be provided by the member to and considered acceptable by the General Manager, then the Club shall have the power to grant an extension of time and/or reinstate such member.
      6. Any member who during the year changes his category of membership shall become liable for any increase in subscription for the remaining period, but will only be entitled to any decrease for that unexpired portion of the financial year of the Club at the sole discretion of the Club.
      7. Members shall not be entitled to any rebate of, or reduction of subscription by reason of absence of any kind or for any reason, provided however, that the Club may in its absolute discretion in the case of continued illness or infirmity of a member, or in exceptional circumstances, waive a part of the subscription.
      8. The Club shall announce annual subscriptions 30 (thirty) days in advance, before it becomes payable by the members, on the notice boards.
      9. Membership fees due are valid for the financial year starting from the 1st of March each year including debit orders.
      10. Should a member default in payments there will be a R500-00 (Five Hundred Rand) administrative reconnection fee.
      11. Members resigning during the financial year and whose annual subscriptions was payable in instalments, shall not be cleared to join another club until such time as the outstanding amount owing for the annual subscriptions or any other expense/account held at the Club have been paid in full, unless such waiver is agreed to by the Club.
    1. Golf Representatives
      Shall consist of the following:
      1. The Captain and Vice-Captain, plus 1 (one) additional member;
      2. The Ladies Captain and Vice-Captain.
      3. Such a member shall be in good standing as determined by the Club;
      4. Such a member shall be afully paid-up member for the financial year (Does not include debit order members);
      5. Shall be appointed once the membership base for the year has been established and within the week of the AGM;
    2. Responsibilities of the Golf Representatives:
      The Golf Representatives shall assist management with the following:
      1. Management of the relevant CGGU Leagues, including the appointment of responsible League Captains and the selection of teams and the dress code.
      2. Assist with the development of junior golf at the Club, within the approved budget from the Club.
      3. Assist with prizes, fundraising and arrangement of sponsorships in liaison with Club management.
      4. Assist with inputs from members regarding potential course improvements, maintenance requirements and/or any other concerns raised by a member;
      5. Assist in arrangement of competitions.
      6. Assist with potential actions for the improvement of the spirit of the Club through the General Manager.
      7. Attend the required CGGU and CGLGU meetings and give feedback to the General Manager.                                                                                                                                                                        
      8. Supply inputs to the Club’s diary.
      9. Assist with the AGM and SGM, when required.
      10. Attend disciplinary hearings as and when required.
      11. Assist the handicap committee as per paragraph 5 below.
    3. Election of Golf Representatives:
      The Golf Representative Members referred to in clause 3.1, shall be elected each year at the AGM as follows:
      1. Nominations of candidates, who are to be elected as representatives, shall be in writing, signed by 2 (two) members of the golf section as proposer and seconder, as well as the nominee, indicating his acceptance, and shall be delivered to the office of The General Manager and by him posted on the notice boards of the Club, at least 7 (seven) days prior to the date of the next AGM of the Club.
      2. If more candidates are nominated than the number of vacancies, the election shall be by ballot.
      3. Ballot boxes and ballot papers shall be available at the Pro Shop 7 (seven) days prior to the AGM until the day of the General Meeting.
      4. Ballot papers shall only be issued on presentation of membership cards.
      5. Members of the Club voting for the election of the golf representatives shall be entitled to cast any number of votes provided that the number of votes so cast shall not exceed the number of vacancies to be filled and provided further that not more than one vote may be cast for any one candidate.
      6. The ballot boxes shall be under the control of The General Manager who shall open them and count the votes in the presence of 2 (two) scrutinizers nominated by the General Manager at the AGM who shall not include any nominees.
      7. Where two or more candidates have received an equal number of votes, the members present at the AGM shall elect one of the nominees concerned by means of a ballot.
      8. The golf representatives shall hold office for a period of not more than 2 (two) years in the same position with effect from the AGM at which they took office or for a lesser period as determined by the General Manager.
      9. The golf representatives may co-opt a member to fill a vacancy until the next AGM when he shall retire and be eligible for re-election, if applicable.
      10. Members present at the AGM will elect the golf representatives as per paragraphs 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 above.
      11. Only members of the Club, who have been a member for at least 1 (one) year or at the discretion of the General Manager, shall be eligible for nomination and election.
    1. The Disciplinary Committee shall be constituted each time a disciplinary hearing is held. This committee shall comprise of the General Manager (who will chair all disciplinary hearings) and the Club Captain and the Ladies Captain, or in their absence the Vice-Captains.  The quorum for this Committee shall always be 3(three).
    2. Should any member, in the opinion of the Club and/or the golf representatives, commit any wilful breach of the Constitution or rules of the Club, or be guilty of improper, dishonest or unworthy conduct, or fail to make any payments of monies due to the Club after due notice, or be guilty of conduct unbecoming or prejudicial to the interests of the Club, whether within the Club’s precincts or outside them, or become insolvent, the Committee shall have the power to:
      1. institute disciplinary action against the member;
      2. make a finding on the guilt or innocence of a member against whom disciplinary action has been instituted;
      3. determine binding sanctions against a member found guilty in a disciplinary hearing, such sanctions imposed, include but not limited to:
        1. Written reprimand of the member;
        2. Deprivation of such member’s rights and privileges of his membership during such time or period as the Committee in its absolute discretion may deem fit and advisable;
        3. Immediate expulsion of the member;
        4. Suspension of the member for such time deemed fit by the Committee;
        5. To call upon such member in writing through the Committee to resign, and if he or she fails to resign, within 30 days of the date of such request, to expel such member;
    3. Disciplinary action should be instituted as a last resort, depending on the severity of the conduct.
    4. Golf representatives serving on a committee who have been called to a disciplinary enquiry shall be immediately suspended from that committee until such time as the disciplinary enquiry has been concluded.
  5. Procedure:
    1. The member shall be called to appear before the Disciplinary Committee to attend a disciplinary enquiry and shall be given 7 (seven) days’ written notice of such a disciplinary enquiry.  Such notice shall also include full details of all charges against the member concerned.  Failing his attendance before the Disciplinary Committee or offering an explanation for his absence acceptable to the Disciplinary Committee, the Disciplinary Committee shall hold a disciplinary enquiry in the member’s absence.
    2. The member called to the disciplinary enquiry may bring 1(one) member to support him at the enquiry, who shall not act as a legal representative of the member.
    3. The General Manager and the member may present evidence and/or witnesses at the hearing. Cross-examination of the other party’s witnesses, by the General Manager or the member, shall be allowed.
    4. Following the hearing of evidence, the Disciplinary Committee shall determine the member’s innocence or guilt.  If found guilty, the member may present evidence in mitigation of the sanction imposed.  The Club representative may also present evidence in aggravation of the sanction to be imposed.  The Disciplinary Committee shall, thereafter, determine a suitable sanction, in its discretion, deems fit.
    5. The General Manager shall inform the member in writing of the sanction to be imposed.  The sanction imposed shall come into effect immediately and shall be final and binding.
    6. Minutes of each disciplinary enquiry must be recorded and kept as part of the Club’s records.
    1. The Handicap Committee shall comprise of the General Manager and one other member appointed by the General Manager;
    2. The Handicap Committee is responsible for the equitable application of all handicap rules and controls, in particular it is required to ensure that the following points are adhered to:
      1. All scores are correctly and timeously captured and returned by all players;
      2. Omitted scores that would have resulted in a handicap decrease for a player are entered as penalty scores and the handicap for that player immediately recalculated;
      3. That repeated good scores by a player are properly reflected by an appropriate reduction in handicap;A prolonged period of exceptional performance, without a corresponding reduction in handicap is reviewed by the handicap committee;
      4. That particularly high (or low) scores in non-competition rounds, or rounds played away from the home club, contributing to the handicap calculation are reviewed and the handicap recalculated omitting these scores.  If this results in a significant change to the handicap, the revised handicap will be allocated by the club as a ‘frozen’ handicap for a period not exceeding 2 (two) months.
      5. It is the responsibility of the Handicap Committee to ensure that the spirit of the system is upheld and that any perceived manipulation of handicaps be thoroughly investigated and suitable disciplinary measures are applied to proven offenders.  Such action includes immediate reduction or withdrawal of a handicap.
    3. The Golf Representatives will assist the Handicap Committee in scrutinising scorecards when competitions are played at the Club and inform the Committee in writing when member’s scores need to be amended.
    Annual General Meetings (AGM)
    1. The AGM shall be held as close to the new financial year end as possible.
    2. Notice of an AGM shall be posted on the Club notice board not later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the date of such meeting.
    3. Members are permitted to submit in writing to the office of the General Manager items for inclusion on the agenda of the AGM not later than 14 (fourteen) days prior to the date of the meeting.
    4. An agenda of business to be conducted at the AGM shall be posted on the Club notice board not later than 7 (seven) days prior to the date of such meeting.
    5. The General Manager and failing him, a person elected by the members present at the meeting, shall serve as Chairperson at the AGM.
    6. The quorum for an AGM shall be 30 (thirty) fullypaid-up members present in person or represented by proxy and entitled to vote. If such quorum is not present at the time appointed for the meeting, the meeting shall stand adjourned for 30 (thirty) minutes from the appointed hour. At such adjourned meeting the members present shall constitute a quorum.
    7. Members who are unable to attend an AGM may vote on a resolution by means of proxy vote.  All proxy votes must be submitted to the General Manager within 7(seven) days of the AGM.
    8. No business other than that for which due notice has been given shall be transacted at the AGM.
    9. Business to be conducted at the AGM shall include the Captains’ reports on the activities of The Club for the period under review, elections of the golf representatives and to transact such business of which due notice has been given.
    10. Founder and full members of the Club who are in good standing with the Club shall have 1 (one) vote at the AGM.
    11. All resolutions passed at the AGM, with the exception of the amendments to the constitution, shall be passed by a majority vote (50% + 1) of those members present in person or represented by proxy and entitled to vote at the AGM.
      Special General Meetings (SGM):
    12. Notices of a SGM, together with all relevant documentation, shall be circulated to members at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the date of hearing;
    13. The General Manager or the Club may at any time call a SGM;
    14. The General Manager must call a SGM on written requisition to that effect signed by not less than 10 (ten) members stating the object of such meeting and lodged with the Club;
    15. Members who are unable to attend a SGM may vote on a resolution by means of proxy vote.  All proxy votes must be submitted to the General Manager within 7(seven) days of the SGM.
    Amendments and/or additions to this Constitution shall be made at a General Meeting, provided that if such amendments or additions are proposed at an AGM, such proposal shall be the last item on the meeting agenda.  The amendment or addition shall require the sanction of at least two-thirds of the members present in person or represented by proxy and entitled to vote.
  9. A copy of any amendments to this Constitution shall be submitted to all members.


    1. Motorised Carts:
      Whilst using motorised carts, the rules displayed in the cart and on the lease agreement are to be adhered to at all times. Golf carts are not compulsory. No person under the age of 18 years may drive a Club cart, they are allowed to walk or use pull trolleys and the General Manager will control this. Golf carts are utilised at the renter’s own risk. Owners of their own carts will adhere to the same rules. An annual trail fee per cart will be charged for owners of private carts who use the golf course cart paths.
      Members are not allowed to drive the golf carts to any parking lots or any other unauthorised areas such as residential areas or out of bounds areas.
    2. Course Marshall:
      The Course Marshall has been employed to see to the flow of the field. He/she is the spokesman of the General Managerand has a set of tasks that must be performed.  As a representative he/she has the right to implement the rules pertaining to slow play.  It is a breach of these rules to verbally abuse or rebuff the Course Marshall. 
    3. Out-door practise facility
      The out-door practise facility is the responsibility of the General Manager, and is provided for all persons on the Estate, visitors and members. Any persons using these facilities will abide by instructions issued by the official on duty.
    4. Dogs, non-golfing pedestrians etc.
      These are not permitted on the course or cart paths when golf is in play,i.e., when flags are on the course. 
    5. Club times:
      The course is open every day with the exception ofMondays, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.Notwithstanding the days specified, the course opens at times as determined by the General Manager and greenkeeper.
    6. Corporate membership:
      Persons using the floating cards of corporate membership must have official handicaps to play on Saturdays, Sundays and in any other club competition.
    7. Private Property:
      At no stage may any member or visitor to the Club, enter any private property to collect golf balls or for any other reason. Any breach of this rule shall result in disciplinary action.
    8. Payment of playing fees:
      Nobody is entitled to commence playing golf before they have paid the applicable fees at the Pro Shop. Those with playing cards still need to report to the Pro Shop and receive a receipt. That receipt is proof that a round has been registered in the Pro Shop, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken.
    9. Prohibited areas:
      The kitchen, offices, storerooms, workshops and behind thecounter in any of the Bars and Pro Shop are prohibited to all members and visitors.
    10. General
      1. All articles of glass or other effects broken or damaged by any member or visitor must be paid by such a member or visitor, who shall pay for or acknowledge his liability in respect of the damage so occasioned before leaving the club.
      2. The removal of plants, bulbs or shrubs and the picking of flowers are forbidden.

Amendment to the General Rules:

The Club shall be entitled to amend and/or add to these Rules in the 

Club’s sole and absolute discretion.


    The game of golf shall be played and bound by the Rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, the Gauteng Golf Union and under such local rules as may from time to time be stipulated by the General Manager in conjunction with the golf representatives. Any contravention of the domestic rules may lead to disciplinary action.
    1. Etiquette:
      There are a number of key aspects of etiquette that a member should remember:
    2. Safety:
      Prior to playing a stroke or making a practise swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club or any debris that may be moved by the club.
    3. Consideration for other players
      The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his opponent or fellow competitor tees his ball. No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke. No player should play until the players in front are out of range.
    4. Pace of play:
      In the interest of all, play without delay. If a player believes a ball may be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, to save time, he must play a provisional ball. Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found. They should not continue play until the players following them have passed and are out of range. When a hole has been completed players should immediately leave the putting green. If a match fails to keep its place in the field and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should invite the match following to pass.
    5. Holes in bunkers:
      Before leaving a bunker, a player should fill up and smooth over all divots and footprints made by him, unless otherwise specified by the Club.
    6. Repair divots and pitch marks:
      A player should ensure that any divot made by him on the fairway should be filled with sand. Likewise, any pitch mark made by him on the green should be correctly repaired. The piece of green knocked out by the ball should be thrown away-do not replace it in the pitch mark.
    7. Damage to greens: 
      Players must ensure that they do not damage the greens by dropping their bags, clubs or the flagpoles on the greens. They must also ensure that they do not damage the holes when replacing or removing the pins.
    8. Pushing in from halfway:
      No players are to push in, without asking the player/s ahead of them if they can play through.
    9. Slow play:
      1. The basic rule is that you are to keep up with the fourball ahead of you:
      2. If a group falls more than one hole behind it will be allocated two holes in which to catch up and receive a warning.
      3. If after two holes the group has not caught up it will be given a final warning.
      4. If two holes after the final warning the group has still not caught up it will be asked to leave the course.
    10. Sandbags:
      Sandbags are compulsory for all players on Jackal Creek Golf course.
    11. Local rules:
      The local rules are printed on the back of the scorecard. Any additional rules will be displayed on the notice board. These are subject to change from time to time.
    12. Golf Carts/ Pull carts:
      Pull carts and motorised carts are not to be permitted between the bunkers, tees, greens and on the greens.
    13. Dress:
      All members or visitors are required to adhere to the dress regulations of the Club. These are displayed at all entrances to the Club and are subject to change from time to time. Any member or visitor not adhering could be requested to leave the premises. A member is responsible to ensure that his or her guests conform to the regulations.
    14. Suspension of play:
      The General Manager and the greenkeeper will decide when the golf course becomes unplayable. Notice to discontinue play immediately will be announced by a long continuous blast of the siren at which stage all persons are required to return to the clubhouse. Two repeated short blasts will announce resumption of play. Note: even in the absence of sirens, a player is the sole judge as to the need to suspend play when lightning strikes are visible. If rain was the cause of the course being closed, no carts will be allowed to leave the cart path thereafter. 
    15. Children:
      Children who are not junior members are not permitted unaccompanied on the course or putting green. Parents will be held responsible for children found playing on the course. Children in the clubhouse area must be supervised at all times and no persons under 18 years of age are permitted in the bar.
    16. Visitors:
      Visitors are welcome. The General Manager however reserves the right to control visitors.
    17. Juniors:
      Junior members are permitted to play at times reserved for full members at full member rates as determined by the General Manager.
    18. Sharing of Clubs:
      Sharing of Clubs is not permitted at the Club.
    19. Practice:
      No practising whatsoever is allowed on the golf course. At no stage may a player play more than one ball except as provided under the rules of golf.
    20. Handicaps:
      Handicaps are being calculated as determined by SAGA Handicap System. Queries can be directed to the General Manager. During club competitions members have to open their rounds prior to the start of the tournament and all scores have to be entered after the completion of a round.
    21. Scorecards:
      Participants in club competitions are required, as a condition of entry, to timeously complete and submit the scorecard correctly. Should any information not be on the card, the player/s involved can be disqualified.
    22. Condition of entry into competitions:
      The Club reserves the right to stipulate conditions for any entry and if any member does not comply, he/she is liable for disqualification.
    23. Count of rule:
      The count out procedure for 18-hole competitions is as follows:
      1. Even date front nine, odd date back nine.
      2. Odd holes.
      3. Par 3’s
        For 36 holes the second 18 and then the same procedure as above.For 72 holes the second 36 followed by the last 18 holes followed by the procedures above.
    24. Club Competitions:
      1. Club championships will be held annually as prescribed by the governing provincial golf bodies andas finally approved by the General Manager. The draw will be seeded, according to handicaps in the respective divisions. The tournament will include an A, B, C, Division. If there is a tie for the Championship a play-off will take place. For other places the count out rule of the Club will apply. The member must be handicapped at the Club to enter.
      2. Monthly medal – will take place on the first Saturday of the month and is also to members only. The divisions are: A (0-9), B (10-18), C (19-24).
      3. Club knockout – singles, doubles, and mixed knockouts are restricted to members only. The rules and conditions will be stipulated on the entry form. The entrant for club championships must be a fully paid-up member of the Club.  In the event of too many entrants, a pre-qualifying event will be held.
      4. Mixed competitions – are arranged and coordinated by the Ladies section. The rules and conditions will be stipulated on the entry form.
      5. Monthly Open competition is open to all players with an official handicap.
      6. Club Competitions – these will take place as determined from time to time by theGeneral Manager and Golf Representativesand are compulsory for all players who wish to use the course on these occasions.
      7. The Saturday and Sunday morning competitionsare compulsory to all members.  Should a member book for a Saturday morning and do not pitch, the player will be charged for his game and his visitors who didn’t pitch.
      8. Players must hole out if their score is to count.
      9. No mulligans and gimmies are allowed in club competitions and the Course Marshall is authorised to inform the Pro Shop of any transgressions in this regard.  Players who make themselves guilty of this rule, will be disqualified.
    25. Control of persons on the course:
      All players who wish to use the course must first report to the Pro Shop, check in and receive a receipt.
    26. Cellular phones 
      All cell phones on the course must be switched off. Cell phones used in the clubhouse should only be used with consideration of all other members and visitors.
    27. Suggestions and recommendations:
      These can be made in writing to the General Manager.
    28. Guests of members/visitors:
      All members are responsible for their guests’ dress and behaviour at all times. It is a member’s duty to be aware of all rules prescribed by the Constitution and the Club from time to time, of which rules will also be applicable to their guests.
    29. Exception of Domestic rules:
      The Golf Representatives together with the Golf Manager reserves the right to make exceptions to those rules under certain circumstances. These exceptions will be placed on the notice boards whenever possible.
    30. Amendment to the Domestic Rules:
      The Club shall be entitled to amend and/or add to these Rules in the Club’s sole and absolute discretion.
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